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SOLAR WATER PUMP installed successfully

2021-09-02 09:39:58

Are you looking for a reliable solar water pumping solution that is truly efficient and low-maintenance which for rural area locations?
Samking solar water pump factory offer best solutions

Here is a farm land in one of the east Africa country, and the owner is tired of pumping the water from a river 2 kms away by the petrol generator until he reach to us. Below is the solution we offer:

3 pcs x 2HP samking dc solar submersible water pump 4SPN4-10P
18pcs x 300Wp panels in three array
2 pcs x 5000 liters water tank

With other necessary accessories of Pipes and Wires, dc solar submersible well pump system will provide at least 50000 liters water every day from three wells, this is enough for the nearly 5 acres drop irrigation and also for livestock drinking.
What kind of warranty factory offer?

This 2hp solar water pump price very affordable and enjoy 2 years warranty, panels 15 years warranty, the farmers never face again the tough time like the generator shut down, out of petrol, or rivers dry up.

dc deep well solar pump install is very easy

User only need make sure cable connection is water proof ,then pump will safe working. Most important is the low-maintenance features, the smart system will offer the data of the daily water got, power in-put or alert system if anything happen on the dc solar deep well pump You just need remote control the whole system.