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Perfect project about solar water pump for livestock

2021-09-14 21:05:21

If we could offer solar livestock water for a small land holder farmer in remote locations ?

Yes ,Samking solar pump factory is committing to providing solar water pump for  livestock since 7 year ago


Innovative technology and nature hand in hand.

Human existence and business prosperity in remote locations depend largely on the availability of clean water to people, livestock and crops. But in many parts of the world reliable power can be in just as short supply as the water. Instead of working against nature, you can work with solar for the benefit of you, your business and the environment in general. Turn harsh conditions into your advantage by using the sun to create power for your water supply system.

You can count on quick and efficient service from Samking factory and Samking agent worldwide,we have sale to 70 countries now ,so whenever you need us, we'll be there to assist you. In distant pastures with severe water and electricity shortages, farmers carry water from far away for their cattle to drink every day which was a time consuming task but still couldnt haul enough water. They have to spend more energy on the daily water supplying until we show up.

 After talking with the farmer, we help them find a suitable solution:

1 x Samking 3SP2-9  small solar powered pump

4 x 300W solar panels

small solar water pump with solar panel , cost-effective system that will supply the pasture at least 12.5 m3 water per day at the static head 50m.

It is a solar powered water pump, system runs directly from solar, enough water is pumped during the day and stored in a tank for night using. Easy access to reliable and sustainable water, the farmer will never worry about their livestock drinking more.