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DC submersible solar water pump make live so easy

2021-11-03 14:39:04

For women and children in some places in Africa, their daily dedication and sacrifice to fetch water for their families is overlooked. They spend much time everyday to walk and fetch water from a place far away, with no time and resources in education, business.but samking DC solar submersible pump changing their destiny now.

When children and women have easy access to water supplies Instead of spending much time walking to find water, they have time to take education and earn money by pursuing everything from farming to their own businesses.

All it starts with easy access to clean water,and all of access to the clean water only need one tiny solar water pump.

One of our Haitian customers said ‘ we have the sun 365 days a year. The need in water is so high in this country. More local people are asking Samking solar pumps for starting their own farms and Samking is a trusted brand here we all like it’ And his goal is to integrate Samking brand in this country to have farmers move forward, produce food and make money. This is as well as our Samking’s goal.