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Overview of DC brushless solar water pump

2021-12-16 11:13:32

Solar water pumping system is an optical-mechanical-electrical integration system that has developed rapidly in recent years. DC solar water pumps are mainly used in small farms or household water systems. It is characterized by high efficiency and simple structure.

With the support of modern power electronic technology, the brushless DC motor enables the service life of the DC solar water pump to reach tens of thousands of hours. It uses the electricity generated by solar modules to drive the DC permanent magnet brushless water pump through devices such as maximum power point tracking, conversion, and control. Bring water from deep to the ground for irrigation of farmland or drinking by humans and animals.

The DC solar water pump uses solar energy, and can be used for farmland irrigation without any external energy, providing clean drinking water for humans and animals, developing courtyard economy, beautifying the park, constructing colorful fountains, adding oxygen to fish and shrimp ponds, and waterfront Water supply and drainage of salt field, etc.

A large number of international ordering intentions indicate that the international market prospects for this high-tech product are very good. As a newly emerging industry, the DC solar water pump system is in line with the strategy of sustainable development.