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SAMKING solar submersible pumps in Malawi, Africa

2022-01-02 15:22:02

Malawi is located in a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. Its economy is mainly based on agriculture. About 86% of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture. At the same time, Malawi’s power system is backward, power supply is severely shorted, and stability is poor, resulting in poor agricultural irrigation and domestic water supply. convenient. 

SAMKING provided a solar pumping system for the Mponela area of Malawi, providing uninterrupted water supply to the local community. 

The SAMKING solar submersible pump system was installed to provide the community with an uninterrupted water supply for irrigation and drinking water. The SAMKING solar submersible pump is installed in a deep well. This compact, light-weight pump is very easy to install, with a lift of up to 450 meters and an intelligent flow rate adjustment. At the same time, it has an efficient MPPT control system, efficient operation, and multiple protection functions. While keeping the pump running smoothly, it maintains high durability and durability. At the same time, it supports GPRS, and users can carry out intelligent control through mobile phones or computers at home. 

SAMKING solar submersible pump is powered by solar panels, is green and environmentally friendly, has a wide range of uses, and is not restricted by the level of local power facilities. It is an ideal pumping system.

 The solar panels are installed on the frame at the height of the erect structure above the water tank. This location is beneficial because the solar panels are kept away from any sun obstacles, and this location also reduces the threat of theft.